Learn more about each version and use the calculator below to find out.

Standard Edition

  • most common
  • unlimited administrators
  • all administrators can see all volunteers
  • pricing based on the number of volunteers (excluding volunteers with the applicant and archived status)

Standard Diagram


Enterprise Edition

  • best if you have multiple branches, locations, departments or shops, etc. (subaccount)
  • unlimited administrators
  • administrators can only see and interact with the users in their subaccount
  • pricing based on the number of subaccounts and volunteers (excluding volunteers with the applicant and archived status)

Enterprise Diagram

Pricing Calculator

Standard Standard PLUS Enterprise Enterprise PLUS

Unlimited number of administrators
Customised levels of administrator access
Give specific admins (or a group of admins) access to specific functionality in the software
Volunteer contact details
Document storage on volunteer profiles
Maximum file size of 4 MB per file
General custom fields in volunteer profiles
Tick boxes, yes/no, dropdown lists, date fields, short text boxes, long text boxes, file attachments
View files attached to profiles directly in your browser
It's more convenient and more secure from a data privacy standpoint than downloading to your computer to open
Customisable prerequisite / qualification fields in volunteer profiles
These can be used for the software to understand who you deem qualified to fill specific roles
Volunteer profile photos
Access to specific volunteer profile data across subaccounts
Enterprise administrators have access to volunteer profiles across all subaccounts or a defined set of them
Volunteer profile customisation across all sub accounts or individually
Profile configuration can be common across all subaccounts, a defined set of them and/or at the individual subaccount level
Activity templates for use across all subaccounts
Descriptions, images, videos, qualification prerequisites, rules on to whom the activity gets displayed, sign up process rules and other elements can be created at the Enterprise level and then used as a starting point for creating activities (roles with or without scheduled shifts) at the subaccount level
Bulk update subaccount application form settings
Process rules and application messaging can be set at the Enterprise level and applied to update all or some of the subaccounts
JSON REST API allows requests of user profile data from Better Impact
Optional integrations with Client Impact, Donor Impact and/or Member Impact
Client Impact - to create a secure environment where volunteers can learn details about the client with whom they interact and can report back into the system base on encounters they have with clients. Donor Impact - to collect donations online, track and report on all donations and donors and to issue tax receipts. Member Impact - to manage and communicate with stakeholders who are not volunteers
Recruitment and Onboarding
Volunteer opportunity listings
Link from your website into a branded page within our system that shows your current volunteer opportunities with a button to apply and room for a description and an image or video
Online application forms
Include specific custom fields that feed directly into the volunteer's profile and create up to three volunteer application forms
Track progress through onboarding steps
Our custom fields combined with customisable lists make it easy to know who is at each stage of the onboarding process and to communicate based on those lists
Background checks
eLearning modules
Create basic training courses that volunteers can complete through their portal and when they do, the related qualification in their profile will be updated automatically. Optionally, create an expiry date by which the volunteer must retake the training
Web portal and mobile app for volunteers
News section in the volunteer portal
A dedicated space on the volunteer home page where administrators can post announcements and other information for volunteers to see.
Volunteer recognition badges for milestones
Service hours, years of service, trainings, cumulative outputs, customised badges
Volunteer Document Library in the volunteer portal
Store resources where volunteers can have easy access through their portal or mobile app
Folders for organising the Document Library
If you have numerous resources for volunteers, you can use folders to organise them
We aim for WCAG 2.0 Level AA compliance on the web interface of our user portal and public pages (mobile and administrator interfaces excluded)
Email / text individuals or configurable groups
Almost all volunteer profile elements (e.g. address fields, custom fields, qualifications, assignment, schedule hours log etc) can be used to create dynamic lists of volunteers that can be saved and used for targeted, mass communications. (Text messaging is capped at 5,000 per year with a Standard Account and 10,000 per year with an Enterprise account unless you get the PLUS subscription.)
Unlimited customizable email templates
Have emails you use frequently? Save as templates you can call up in seconds
History of emails sent to volunteers
Whether you send an email to one volunteer or thousands, you'll have a record of the email, when it was sent, who it was sent to and which administrator sent it
Email notifications to administrators
Administrators can choose to receive email notifications for new applicants, shift sign-ups/cancellations, completed trainings
Email routing for shift signup and cancellation emails
If you have multiple administrators each managing their own unique activity or set of activities, emails such as shift cancellations, can be routed to go to the applicable administrator based on the activity involved
Communications features across each and all subaccounts
Enterprise administrators can communicate with volunteers, across all subaccounts or a defined set of them
Unlimited outbound text messaging
Send as many text messages as you need (Those without the PLUS option are limited to 5,000 per year)
Assigned shifts can appear in Outlook, Gmail or Apple calendars
Volunteers can opt into weekly shift reminder emails
Scheduling and Reporting
Volunteer scheduling for recurring and event shifts
Volunteer assignments for unscheduled volunteering
Volunteers can also be assigned to activities that have no specific shifts
Volunteer Self Scheduling (according to rules)
You can assign volunteers to specific shifts, or if you consider them qualified to fill a shift for a specific role, they can self-schedule through their online portal or mobile app
Timeclock / Kiosk functionality
You can have volunteers punch in and punch out on a tablet (that you provide). Hours are calculated automatically and you'll have access to a report of all volunteers logged in and on premises
Hours, outputs and feedback reporting
You can even create a limited administrator who can do nothing except generate reports
Saved searches for list generation and reporting
Reporting across all subaccounts
Enterprise administrators can generate reports across all subaccounts or a defined set of them
Display lists on screen or export to Excel
Security and Privacy
Data encrypted in transit
Multifactor authentication is available to every Member Impact administrator. These features make it mandatory they use it
Data encrypted at rest
At rest is as it sits on our server. Even if someone were to somehow get into our database the data would be scrambled and unreadable.
ISO27001 Certified
ISO27017 Attestation
Some companies claim they follow ISO27001 practices but they have not been audited and reaudited annually. Ensure you see proof of certification
Administration level for system configuration without access to data
Regional subaccount structure
For individual branches, locations, departments or shops, etc. Administrators can only see and interact with the users in their subaccount(s)
Optional IP restrictions on admin access
This will ensure your administrators only log in from your organisation's location
Optional multifactor authentication for all admins
You can add another layer of security to your administrator login process by having something you know (your password) AND something you have (a unique and temporary code that appears on your mobile phone)
Option to make 2-factor authentication a requirement for all admins
Multifactor authentication is available to every Volunteer Impact administrator. These features make it mandatory they use it
Here to Help
5x24 support with former leaders of volunteers
Available by chat, email or telephone. We guarantee a mean first response time (excluding automated replies) of under 10 minutes and most of the time it's under 5. See what others say about our support on Trust Pilot and G2 Reviews
Video Training Library
Check them out at BetterImpact.tv
Searchable help files
Check them out at: Support Free Administrator training videos
Better Impact Buddies
Better Impact Buddies are your peers in other organisations who use Volunteer Impact and are happy to share their knowledge on specific topics
Dedicated Account Manager (Member Success Advisor)
One of our Member Success Advisors (most of whom have previously worked as Leaders of Volunteers) will be assigned to your account for an annual review and more.
Onboarding consultation
Data import of volunteer profile contact details
Also available à la carte.
Three follow up sessions in first year
Annual account review
Also available à la carte.

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