Client Impact pairs with Volunteer Impact to streamline processes and administrative workload.

Is Client Impact Right for my organisation?

Below you’ll find plenty of information to help you make that decision, and if you’d like to speak with someone on the team to answer any questions, we’d be happy to make it happen.

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Please note that Client Impact is not a stand-alone offering and must be used with Volunteer Impact. Its main purpose includes associating volunteers with clients so that volunteers can have access to information related to their clients and can report on encounters with clients.

What do I WANT TO DO

with my new software?

client profiles

Manage Client Profiles

Record client contact details and other important information 

Add custom fields (short text, long text, drop down list, check box, date, file upload) to record just about anything

View the client’s photo to get to know them better

Track and Report

Track and Report

Produce reports on feedback provided by volunteers each time they engage with their clients

Report on data stored in the client profile custom fields

Save search queries and column selection on frequently used reports

Accept Applications Online

Accept Online Applications

If applicable, link to a client application form from your website

Customise the application form to include the fields you need

Capture application data right into your volunteer and client management system – no retyping

client search

Search for Clients

Find client profiles from any screen

Search based on any information stored in the client profile

Save search queries and add links to them on your main page dashboard

Include relevant date ranges in saved searches (e.g. last month)

Email and Text

Email and Text

Email or send text messages to individual clients or specific groups

Personalise the email by automatically inserting ‘First Name’

Dress up your emails with tables, fonts, colours or pictures

View prior emails sent

link clients

Link Clients and Volunteers

Volunteers can access limited information about clients with whom they are linked.

Volunteers can provide you with feedback after any engagement with clients with whom they are linked.

Configure it for Our Needs

Configure It for our Needs

Brand the volunteer’s portal and the client's portal to your organisation’s look and feel

Add custom fields to client profiles to capture relevant information

Save administrator time with Email templates

Apply different security levels to different administrators

client access

Clients can:

Clients can update their contact details and other information 

(Their web portal is compliant with WCAG 2.0 AA)

Ensure Data Security

Ensure Data Security

ISO 27001 / 27017 certified 

Data encrypted in transit over the internet and at rest on our servers

24x7x365 server intrusion prevention & third party penetration tests

Brute force protection to prevent password hacking & optional two-factor authentication 

5 year uptime of 99.997%

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How do I like to be trained and supported?


No matter what your preference is when it comes to learning new software, Better Impact has the experienced trainers and the training resources to get you up and running in the software and confident in your use of it quickly.

teach myself

I like to teach myself

Learn at your own pace, guided by our complete library of training videos and further aided by our extensive help files. They're both included in every subscription.

If you'd like you can also book dedicated Q&A sessions with a Member Success Advisor.

web meetings

Book full training sessions delivered in web meetings with a Member Success Advisor on any of the following:

Strategic Planning & Configuration
Connecting Volunteers with Clients
Reporting on Your Volunteer - Client Interactions

face to face

Come to our office in London, or we can come to you. Book training sessions with a Member Success Advisor on any of the following:

Strategic Planning & Configuration
Connecting Volunteers with Clients
Reporting on Your Volunteer - Client Interactions


We can all use a little help sometimes and the team at Better Impact loves to help.

chat email

Chat and Email

Friendly and personal support provided by Better Impact team members - Available 24 x 5

Guaranteed first response time of under 10 minutes

Former leaders of volunteers are part of the support team



Sometimes it’s a whole lot easier just to talk to someone. In those situations, you can just give us a call at 1800-844-1545 Ext 2.

And don’t be surprised if during a chat session, one of our Member Success Advisors suggests hopping on a phone call or quick web meeting together.

Peer to Peer

Peer to Peer

We're holding periodic virtual user group meetings and we'll be getting back to holding these in-person in a growing number of regions once it is safe to do so. 

Leaders of volunteers who use Volunteer Impact and are happy to share their knowledge about getting most out of the software.


Does Client Impact Work The Way I want it to?

We’ve put together over 25 minutes of demonstration video so that you can get a good sense of how Client Impact works. If you have any questions based on what you see, you can book some one-on-one time with Daniel. He’ll be happy to learn about what you’re trying to accomplish, answer your questions and generally help you with whatever you need.

If what you see in the demonstration videos suggests Client Impact is a good fit for your organisation, you can give the software a try with a free 30 day trial.

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