Member IMPACT Pricing

which version of MEMBER impact fits my needs and budget best?

Learn more about each version and use the calculators below to find out.

Standard Edition

  • most common
  • unlimited administrators
  • all administrators can see all volunteers
  • must be combined with Volunteer Impact 

Standard Diagram


Enterprise Edition

  • best if you have multiple branches, locations, departments or shops, etc. (subaccount)
  • unlimited administrators
  • administrators can only see and interact with the clients in their subaccount
  • must be combined with Volunteer Impact 

Enterprise Diagram

Pricing Calculator

Standard Standard PLUS Enterprise Enterprise PLUS

Unlimited number of administrators
Customised levels of administrator access
Give specific admins (or a group of admins) access to specific functionality in the software
Member contact details
Document storage on member profiles
Maximum file size of 4 MB per file
General custom fields in member profiles
Tick boxes, yes/no, dropdown lists, date fields, short text boxes, long text boxes, file attachments
View files attached to profiles directly in your browser
It's more convenient and more secure from a data privacy standpoint than downloading to your computer to open
Member profile photos
Access to specific member profile data across subaccounts
Enterprise administrators have access to member profiles across all subaccounts or a defined set of them
Member profile customization across all subaccounts or individually
Optional integrations with Volunteer Impact and/or Donor Impact
Volunteer Impact - To manage the scheduling and data collection of those that give their time. Donor Impact - To collect donations online, track and report on all donations and donors and to issue tax receipts
Member Engagement
Online member application forms
Web portal and mobile app for members
Members can access copies of their receipts when preparing their tax returns
We aim for WCAG 2.0 Level AA compliance on the web interface of our user portal and public pages (mobile and administrator interfaces excluded)
Email / text individuals or configurable groups
Create dynamic lists of members that can be saved and used for targeted, mass communications. Text messaging is capped at 1,000 messages per year unless you get the PLUS subscription)
Unlimited customisable email templates
Have emails you use frequently? Save as templates you can call up in seconds.
History of emails sent to members
Whether you send an email to one member or all of them, you'll have a record of the email, when it was sent, who it was sent to and which administrator sent it
Communications features across each and all subaccounts
Enterprise administrators can communicate with members, across all subaccounts or a defined set of them
Unlimited outbound text messaging
Send as many text messages as you need (Those without the PLUS option are limited to 1,000 per year)
Saved searches for list generation and reporting
Reporting across all subaccounts
Enterprise administrators can generate reports across all subaccounts or a defined set of them
Security and Privacy
Data encrypted in transit
In transit is when it travels across the internet. If someone intercepted your internet traffic, the data would be scrambled and unreadable
Data encrypted at rest
At rest is as it sits on our server. Even if someone were to somehow get into our database the data would be scrambled and unreadable
ISO27001 Certified
Some companies claim they follow ISO27001 practices but they have not been audited and reaudited annually. Ensure you see proof of certification
ISO27017 Attestation
Administration level for system configuration without access to data
Regional subaccount structure
For individual branches, locations, departments or shops, etc. Administrators can only see and interact with the users in their subaccount(s).
Optional IP restrictions on admin access
This will ensure your administrators only log in from your organisation's location
Optional multifactor authentication for all admins
You can add another layer of security to your administrator login process by having something you know (your password) AND something you have (a unique and temporary code that appears on your mobile phone)
Option to make 2-factor authentication a requirement for all admins
Multifactor authentication is available to every Member Impact administrator. These features make it mandatory they use it
Here to Help
5x24 support
Available by chat, email or telephone. We guarantee a mean first response time (excluding automated replies) of under 10 minutes and most of the time it's under 5. See what others say about our support on Trust Pilot and G2 Reviews
Searchable help files
Check them out at: Support Free Administrator training videos
Dedicated Account Manager (Member Success Advisor)
One of our Member Success Advisors will be assigned to your account for an annual review and more
Migration consultation
Data import of member profile contact details included in the price
Also available à la carte
Three follow up sessions in first year
Annual account review
Also available à la carte.

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