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Social Service Organisations

Our social service members span four continents and covers all sorts of worthy causes. We are very happy to be a part of so many amazing teams.

No matter how your organisation helps others we can help you

Our social services software for tracking volunteers is flexible and has the configurable options need to align with your needs.

Streamline your intake processes

From application to interview to inductions and scheduling, Volunteer Impact can help you get more done in less time. Log volunteer hours, manage schedules, and more.

Hand together to form a support

Simplify scheduling

You can schedule volunteers yourself or let them self-schedule within the roles you decide they can fill.

Report on outputs as well as volunteer hours

Hours information is important but it only tells half the story. Use Volunteer Impact with your social services software to gather feedback at the end of every volunteer shift.

Social service nonprofits using our volunteer software

What your peers say...

"We’ve been using Volunteer Impact for 6 months and it has streamlined our entire volunteer program! It allows us to use technology to interact with our volunteers, while still maintaining a personal connection."
South Bay Community Services - USA
“Thank you again for everything you do! I cannot tell you how helpful you have been and how much I love using Volunteer Impact.”
Habitat for Humanity, Evansville, USA
“I’m pleased that Better Impact is customer-centric and very responsive. The software continues to evolve based on the needs of its users and for an online company, it is very personal.”
Disaster Psychosocial (DPS) Services

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